How to Submit Your Ideas

Youth Ideathon 2023 FAQs - 12 Questions

1. Who can participate?

Any school student from any board from Class 4 to Class 12.

2. Is it team or individual event?

Youth Ideathon sees innovation and entrepreneurship as a team sport. Therefore for YI23, students have to submit ideas in a team size of 3 to 5 members. Please note, minimum 3 members are must.

3. Should school short-list teams and then submit idea

We strongly discourage schools to short-list ideas.
Innovation selection is a complex topic, where most untrained minds of us go wrong. YI Evaluators are innovation experts with more than 5000 hours of deep innovation / entrepreneurship experience.

Therefore, schools are advised NOT TO short-list any idea on their own. Schools must communicate all student teams to DIRECTLY submit their ideas on Youth Ideathon website.

4. How many teams can participate from my school?

As many as you want. You can have thousand+ teams literally. There is no restriction.

In fact, there are special awards for schools with more than 500 / 1000 unique students participating.

There are also special awards for Teacher Mentors who encourage more than 150 / 300 unique students to participate.

5. Can a student or team submit more than 1 idea?

Of course. There is no limit.

6. Can a team be of students from different schools?

In the past, we have seen very small number of entries with students from different schools. This is perfectly fine with us.
We have no restriction on the composition of team, expect that these should be school students of Class 4 to 12.

7. Is there any specific subject on which students should submit ideas?

Innovation and entrepreneurship is a world of new discovery and opportunity. Youth Ideathon encourages students to explore opportunities in any walk of life. Therefore there is no subject restriction.

Our theme is iStartup a Good Thing for India. Encourage your students to think of what can be a good thing for the society.

8. Where to submit idea?

There is only 1 place to submit ideas – the Youth Ideathon website. The link is:

Submit Your Idea

9. Can I upload a video or PPT or any document to strengthen my case?

The stage 1 of Youth Ideathon requires teams to submit ideas in the form of 3 short questions and 4 MCQs. That’s it.
There is no provision for any document upload.

10. Can I send a model / prototype of my idea?

Not now.

Youth Ideation is a multi-stage competition.
All students who make to the next stage shall get an opportunity to show their models in a video format.

11. Can a student be part of more than 1 team?

Of course. There is no limit.

12. What is the last date of submitting ideas?

Midnight of 30th Sept 2023.