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Youth Ideathon encourages our youth to dream big & gives their dreams wings.

Organised by ThinkStartup and Management Entrepreneurship Professional Skills Council (MEPSC) in association with Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), in 3 editions, the Youth Ideathon is India’s biggest innovation and entrepreneurship competition designed specifically for school students.

In its previous 3 editions, the contest engaged with school students to energize them and connect with their passions to discover societal problems and propose solutions that can make lives of humanity better. In the 2023 edition, more than 155,000 school students from over 6000 schools participated. Now we are all set to launch Youth Ideathon 2024.

Participation in Youth Ideathon 2024 Competition is completely FREE.



The Youth Ideathon 2024 is open to all school students in India across two categories:
  • Junior: Class 4 to Class 8
  • Senior: Class 9 to Class 12
YI24 School Registration

School students from any school board operating in India, Teachers and Mentors of School Students, Schools

Submit Your Idea

YI24 is OPEN for all K12 School Students. However, students have to participate in teams of 2 to 5 members from the same school.

Faculty Development Program

YI24 is also open to all school teachers / mentors. However, a teacher must have a student team who s/he is mentoring. YI24 shall special rewards for Teachers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


YI24 is also open to all Schools from any Board – Central / State / International. There are special rewards for Schools of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, on the basis of student and teacher participation.


The Youth Ideathon 2024 shall focus on innovative ideas and entrepreneurship around three key themes, as below:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship relating to Indian Heritage and Knowledge System

Encourage students to explore India's rich heritage and traditional knowledge to develop innovative solutions for contemporary challenges.

Technologies to take India ahead

Empower students to leverage emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT) to address national needs.

Sustainability (Air, Water, Health, Energy, Education, Poverty)

Challenge students to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future, focusing on environmental and social issues.

The Largest Festival of Idea for Youth

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