User Agreement

1. Service — All services accessed through the website shall deemed to be in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2. The website is under the ownership of ThinkStartup Learning Private Limited, (CIN) U80902HR2021PTC093913, herewith termed as “Company”

3. User is an individual, who created a Profile within the Service and who has agreed to the terms of the User Agreement. The Users of the Service include Students, their Parents and Teachers. The “User” hereby provides full and unconditional consent for consent for using the Service, processing of Students’ personal data.

4. Profile is User’s account, where the User’s information is stored, and with which the Service access rights are associated.

5. Student — a minor individual, who has limited access to the Service and the ability to use it, as per the information regarding such individual provided by the Parents or Teachers; such minor individual is not a Party to this Agreement.

6. Teacher — an individual, who has access to the Service, provides educational services to the Students, and has the right to provide Company with information regarding Students on the basis of a law or an agreement, including, but not limited to Students’ personal data.

7. Parent — an individual, who has access to the Service for the purpose of assistance to the Student in their effort to access the Service, as well as receiving information on the results of the Student’s usage of the Service. In this Agreement, the term Parent refers to any legal guardian, custodian, or biological parent of a minor individual, who acts on behalf and in the interest of the minor individual. Consent of other parents, legal guardians, and custodians is implied.

8. This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the following general principles:
8.1 Unless the context requires otherwise, all capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning stipulated by this Agreement.
8.2 The words originally used in a particular form imply any other form of these words; the words used in singular form imply plural form and vice versa; references to whole items imply any part thereof.
8.3 References to the word include or including (or any other similar term) shall not be interpreted as a limitation. Generic words, described by the word other(or any other similar term), shall not imply any limitations, due to the fact that such items are preceded by clauses, which describe specific groups of activities, issues or matters.

9. This Agreement is binding for all Users of the Service, regardless of the purpose of the Service usage. The terms of this Agreement shall be effective in relation to all Users from the moment of their registration. By clicking the Registerbutton, the User unconditionally agrees to the terms of this Agreement in full. This Agreement including Privacy Policy and all relationships between Users and Company are governed by the applicable legislation and the laws of the India. If the User does not agree with the terms of this Agreement, the User shall stop using the Service immediately and delete any materials and Information, posted by such User within the Service. The User shall notify Company of their decision to stop using the Service independently, by any means available to such User.

10. Access to the Service and Delivery of Information – In order to gain access to the Service, the User shall register their Profile within the Service.

11. To register a Teacher’s Profile, the Teacher shall provide the following information:
– Full Name
– Contact details (email, mobile phone number)
– City
– Name (number) of school or other educational institution
– Class ID
– The Teacher’s phone number
– Information about the Students (full name, gender, name or number of school, class ID)

12. The Teacher represents and guarantees that Student information, submitted to Company upon registration and in the course of further usage of the Service, is provided by the Teacher in compliance with the applicable laws of India. By providing the Students’ personal data to Company, the Teacher confirms that the School or the Students’ Parents or legal guardians/custodians have granted consent for the Students’ personal data processing and transferring to third parties including sponsors and for the purpose of using the Service.

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